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Family Advisor Services

Each person’s situation is unique so one of the first things we do with any new client is to interview them and assess what they want and need from a Gradsports Family Advisor. Hiring Gradsports allows you to make the collective knowledge and experience of our people your knowledge and experience – without having to learn tough lessons of sports and academics through trial and error and making the same mistakes that others have already made.

Most importantly, when scouts start calling or coaches and managers start making promises, or schools send brochures – all trying to convince you (or your son or daughter) that theirs is the right team to sign with – Gradsports will be there to give you honest unbiased information and advice; working always from the perspective of your best interests.

Family Advisor Services will not include anything that can be construed as acting as an agent for a student athlete or his or her family members, in order to protect the client’s amateurism status

Gradsports also will not provide Family Advisor Services with any agreement to provide future agent services to a student athlete.

One of the most common questions potential clients have is – what is the difference between an athlete or player agent representing a student athlete (and jeopardizing amateurism status) and a family advisor advising a student athlete (which does not jeopardize college athletics eligibility)?

The answer to this question is not always clear as there are many fact-specific situations which depend on specific circumstances. A Gradsports family advisor can assist players and their family members in avoiding devastating mistakes assessing their specific situation.

However, in general, a person speaking with a third party (like a school or a coach or a scout) on behalf of a student athlete to market their playing abilities or further their interests is likely to be seen as an agent representing the student athlete.

A person relying on their research, expertise and knowledge and providing information and advice one-on-one to a student athlete about his or her future plans is likely to be seen as a family advisor and not an agent.

Once the scope of the Family Advisor Services is identified, Gradsports Inc. will charge its going rate for the services; and we use written contracts. Typically we will charge an annual fee; however, hourly rate options are available.

There are many myths and falsehoods circulating around the internet about rules and guidelines for student athletes and family advisors. If you have questions or concerns please contact us and we will explain our process and why we follow it.

Alternate Services

It is very important to note there are many services that are not able to be part of a Family Advisor Services agreement and are incompatible with a student athlete maintaining amateurism status.

If your goals include deciding not to pursue any potential US college eligibility (for example a player choosing to pursue a major junior hockey opportunity) and you wish to hire Gradsports Inc. for these Alternate Services please contact us.

Alternate Services may include representing the player in securing tryouts, contract negotiation, player marketing and endorsements, social media training, media relations, draft or combine preparation and other similar services.

Mr. Bates’ hockey connections, description of junior hockey opportunities as well as his candid advice regarding the importance of education helped our two sons make difficult decisions which were in their best interests after playing five seasons of competitive prep hockey in New England.

Our family remains very grateful for his time, guidance and advice.

Jim & Mary Moore

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Michael Bates

Phone: 403-510-4209