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Gradsports – Succeed in the sport of life…

In the world of elite athletics there are few guarantees.

There has never been more competition than there is today for professional sports contracts, college scholarships, junior team rosters, prep schools, sports academies and development programs. Investing all of your time, effort and money pursuing the dream may lead nowhere unless you find the right opportunities at the right times and you are ready to seize the moment.

Sound advice and honest answers about your best interests can be very hard to find. Coaches, managers, owners, scouts, and recruiters are all competing for prospects and unfortunately many only devote time to what kids and their parents want to hear but not to what they need to know.

If this sounds familiar, a Gradsports family advisor can help.

At Gradsports we are committed to helping our clients make milestones that have always seemed just out of reach. Whatever development stage you are at in your sport and wherever you are at in your education, if you are committed to improve and driven to reach the next level contact us to learn about the opportunities that are waiting for you.

At Gradsports we are committed

to helping our clients make milestones that have always seemed just out of reach


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The Gradsports Advantage

Regardless of how many goals you achieve, how many trophies you win, how many records you set, there will be life after competitive sports. The best course is to plan and prepare now – to succeed not only in sports – but in life. Many family advisors focus solely on the sport. Gradsports promotes the concept of the student athlete and we work to provide services designed to help players both on and off the ice / course / court / field.

In particular the National Collegiate Athletic Association rules for players seeking college scholarships do not permit student athletes to have agents marketing their athletic abilities. Teaching young athletes how to speak for themselves and to impress both academic and athletic staff is as important as physical fitness and training.

As scouting and recruiting pressures creep ever-earlier into the lives of student athletes and their families remaining uninformed and hoping for things to work out is just not a reasonable option. Gradsports is uniquely focused on helping players and their families connect with services from a team of consultants to ensure our clients can make the most of every opportunity.

The harsh reality is many aspiring student athletes will not become successful professionals. Our approach is to help clients get every opportunity to reach their highest goals, but to also develop well-rounded athletes with life skills applicable beyond the world of sports.

Our relationships with professional athletes, National Hockey League scouts, former Division I athletes, coaches, managers, and team owners are very important; but not more important than our relationships with performance coaches, psychologists, health care professionals, educators, tutors, public speaking instructors and mentors.

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Do I need a Family Advisor?

The short answer is no. You do not need to play your sport in the off-season or buy the best equipment or hire a personal trainer or a sport psychologist either. Every individual has to decide what they feel will help them reach their highest potential and gain an edge on their competition.

You should only work with a family advisor if you see value for the cost of the services and the advisor is a good fit with your education and athletic goals and your plans to achieve them.

The right family advisor can help you learn inside information about the coaching staff and ownership group of a sports team or the graduation and work placement rates of a college or university program. The wrong family advisor can cost you your eligibility for a scholarship or to even play college sports at all.

Ask questions before deciding to hire anyone. Make sure the advisor is not just offering the services of an agent and calling themselves an advisor. Make sure they have any required certifications and licenses. Gradsports Inc. is licensed and bonded pursuant to the Alberta Fair Trading Act. For Alberta you can search businesses here